About Us

Parent Villages was founded in February 2018. Since the inception, this initiative turned program has brought hundreds of people together to discuss all aspects of education. Our focal point has always been to Build Bridges between the community and those who make decisions about our communities.  Meanwhile, working together to improve communication channels, policies, and structures that directly impact the quality of education and lives of all children in Greater Springfield and Western MA.

Mission & Vision

  • Our mission is to build a bridge between parents, youth, advocates, community leaders, and educators to close the opportunity gap and improve the quality of education and lives of ALL children. 

  • Our vision is to close the belief gap that has infiltrated the minds of our children – that they cannot go beyond what they can see.  We do this by leveraging key partnerships, mentoring families, and financially investing in our youth via the Education Matters Scholarship.



Our goals are to bring the organization to a national level by seeking out knowledge networks (for workshop ideas, events, well-respected spokespersons, etc.) and capital.  We are determined to see our model replicated in inner-cities across the United States.  As we seek to scale to the national level, it is essential that we access investors, individuals, and organizations interested in building bridges between their community, the resources available within those communities, and the sources that make decisions for said communities; with the ultimate goal of improving the lives and education of ALL children. 


Our method is to be the convenyner.  Through our i-Meetup Community meetings, Lunch with LaTonia sessions, and Dinner Table Talks, we are able to bring resources to the community through panel discussions and workshops, informational training, and partnering with other community-based organizations on initiatives brought forth with an equity lens.  

We support our students and their parents via our mentoring programs - wholistically ensuring families have what they need to put their best foot forward when it comes to their education and/or (re)entering the workforce.  

Finally, we insert ourselves in meetings with potential investors and like-minded thought partners to #SHOWUP in spaces where our community’s voice can be heard across the state, where we can leverage the work our partners and allies already do so well, and in turn expand the breadth of Parent Villages across the state and in years to come, nationally.