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Parent Resources

FREE Public Student Meals:

click here for update from HomeGrown Springfield

click here for Backpacker program

During the summer, the Springfield Public Schools continued to host meal centers where meals were provided to SPS students free of charge. During the school year, through their Sustainability, Backpacker, and Home-Grown initiatives, SPS maintains other free food options for Springfield children under 18.* Breakfast and lunch are provided free of charge during the school day, and there are options for dinner and weekend backpack meals.


*Meals are available to all school-aged children, including persons with disabilities over age 18 who participate in school programs for people who are mentally or physically disabled.  


City Hall and School Committee

City Hall Information:
City Hall: 36 Court St, Springfield, MA 01103
Phone: (413) 736-3111

School Committee Information:
Office: 1550 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Springfield, MA 01103
Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday
Phone: (413) 787-7100 ext. 55191



Neighborhood Point Person/Mutual Aid (NPP):  Neighbor to Neighbor

Parent Villages, Inc. is committed to expanding its reach within and beyond the Springfield community.  Memberships/Partnerships, like this one we now have as an NPP/Organization with Neighbor to Neighbor's (N2N) NPP initiative, allows us to engage with a broader community.  N2N is an organization that takes action by supporting community members with services such as voter registration, signing petitions and calling and holding legislators accountable, to marching in the streets. 


NPP in collaboration with Mutual Aid provides a space to offer resources one may have to support a family in need.  Visit the link below to add your resource to the database:

Parent Villages is excited to partner in this meaningful and impactful way!  Contact us or N2N for additional information on becoming the next NPP:

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