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COVID Update

Stay healthy.

Stay informed.

Protect your family.

Protect others.

Support community.

Support health!

Parent Villages moved quickly in early 2020 to find ways to support our families and community with practical help.

We partnered with local organizations to bring in food, free masks, clothes, toys, diapers, and other things needed by the children and parents of our community.  We spread news about resources and information.

As we all move forward into a stage where vaccinations, increased understanding about transmission, and safety protocols have helped our lives come closer to normal, Parent Villages continues to look for ways for us to reach out and help one another!

Donate to the community: 

Continue to support local businesses, non-profits, and organizations

committed to the sustainability, education and uplifting of our community.

Ongoing COVID-19 Tips and Resources

Tips for families during this time of distress


  • Stay, healthy, safe and active at home

  • Eat healthy and nutritious meals 

  • Read a book, visit the Springfield 

  • Kast Virtual Sharing Platforms to share videos/ 


School/Homeschool Tips/Updates:


Homeschool Resources:




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