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Ongoing Programs

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●  Community i-Meetup Meetings - With guest speakers, dialogue amongst ourselves, and sharing ideas and information, we connect our community.  We talk together regularly about the hot topics relevant to Springfield families and our education system.  Currently held virtually; use the contact form to sign up.  

●  Mentoring Programs - Mentors accelerate the learning and career growth of mentees simply by investing time and insight (Forbes Oct. 2, 2018).  COVID has required us to re-examine our mentor programs - stay tuned for our refined Parent-to-Parent mentor program and the re-institution of our Peer-to-Peer mentoring programs.

●  #Show-Up Initiative - Parent Villages started the #Show-Up Initiative to empower adults to show up for their children and youth in their community whether they express that they need it or not.  The Show-up Initiative encourages parents to be proactive about their child’s education by Showing-up at the school for the good, the bad and everything in between.  See the #Show-Up page for more information.