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How We Work

The Aspen Institute’s Ascend Program's Two-Generation Theory of Change
Graphic from Ascend The Aspen Institute report.png

The Aspen Institute’s Ascend Program has developed a Two-Generation Theory of Change. The goal is to bring about an increase in family economic security, educational success, and health and well-being from one generation to the next. 

The strategy for accomplishing the goal is to build an effective support system that gives parents and children access to resources in five key areas:

  • social capital

  • early childhood education

  • health and well-being

  • postsecondary and employment pathways, and

  • economic asset-building

With these resources, parents and children will have a better chance to succeed and live comfortable and productive lives.

Parent Villages is a partner with the Aspen Institute and has been doing exactly what the Ascend Program and Aspen Institute recommends – building the support system and delivering the needed resources. In effect, every program and service offered by Parent Villages is intended to help Springfield parents and children live comfortable and productive lives.

How Does Parent Villages Work Towards These Goals?

Bringing Resources to the Community

Through our regular i-Meetup Community meetings, Lunch with LaTonia sessions, and Dinner Table Talks, we are able to bring resources to the community. We also use panel discussions and workshops, informational training, and partnering with other community-based organizations on initiatives brought forth with an equity lens.  

Supporting Our Students and Their Parents

We support our students and their parents via our mentoring programs -- holistically ensuring families have what they need to put their best foot forward when it comes to their education and/or (re)entering the workforce. We encourage parents to #SHOWUP for children in school settings and in life. We offer scholarships to high school students each year and we celebrate their unique growth and value.


Expanding in Partnership

We actively engage in meetings with potential investors and like-minded thought partners to #SHOWUP in spaces where our community’s voice can be heard across the state, where we can leverage the work our partners and allies already do so well. Our long-term intention in partnership is to expand the breadth of Parent Villages state-wide, and in years to come, nationally.  

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