Parent Villages is proud to have been featured on live television, radio segments, and articles. Additionally, partnering by way of grant awards and other meaningful collaborating opportunities.  Please view the below links for more information.



Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts/Young Women's Initiative

Parent Villages is the proud recipient of the Young Women's Initiative 2020 Grant!

Thank WFWM/YWI for entrusting us with the "Task Force: School to Prison Pipeline" grant, to work to confront and mitigate the school to prison pipeline for girls in Springfield.


To apply for the join the next YWI cohort visit

To learn more about the WFWM visit

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Mason Square C-3 Community Engagement

Parent Villages is the esteemed 2020 recipient of the C-3 Public Safety Initiative & Community Engagement Award


Thank you to the Mason Square C-3 Committee for entrusting us with this grant to continue our work with the youth in the Mason Square area. 


Congratulations to our Board Chair, LaTonia Monroe Naylor on being honored as one of the 2020 Unsung Heroines of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts! 

Her humble response: What an honor!!! I have been volunteering and serving my community since I was 16 years old. I have never done anything for recognition but simply because I love my community and our city. Thank you Rep. González for presenting me with this award as an Unsung Heroine of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I love you Springfield and will continue to serve you the best way I know-how. 


Parent Villages 1st #ShowUp Rally Cry

Thursday, July 2, 2020, at Springfield City Hall

We are overwhelmed by the love and support received from our community. The Rally Cry was planned within a few hours and notices went out for support the next day. It means so much to our youth and to our hearts to see the many organizations, families, friends, and supporters who came out to stand with us in solidarity.


THANK YOU to the MOTHERS for their bravery in sharing their painful stories THANK YOU School Committeewoman LaTonia Monroe Naylor for your outstanding leadership, THANK YOU to everyone in attendance.


When you #showedup that meant #stayingtogether - the rally was step one to the next actionable steps in protecting our children:


Mike Borecki

Springfield Red Sox Founder & Coach Adrian Monroe

New North Citizens’ Council / Good Vibes Program— Josiah Gonzalez - Director of Youth Services

Academic Leadership Association LLC - Founder Vilenti Tulloch

Enmotion Ministry - Pastor Brown & First Lady Brown

Pastor Eugenia Finnell, Divine Faith Ministries

Holy Redeemer Cathedral – Youthful Glory Ministry Ah'Tavia Wright, Pastor Mah’dee Naylor, Reverend Willie Naylor & Mother Theresa Naylor Jasmine Naylor with Caring Health Center, Inc.

Families Against Violence - Francena Brown - Founder

MORE Inspiring Change Fighting for Justice- Juanita Batchelor – Founder, Tangela Clark

The CREW & Black Men of Greater Springfield- Attorney Wayman Lee & Drew Ak-Soul Keaton

African Diaspora Mental Health Association - David A. Lewis

Black Liberation Alliance - Charles Stokes

Young Scholars Academy- Robert C. Jones & Darryl Moss

Roca- Natasha Mitchell

Councilor Jesse Lederman

School Committeewoman Denise Hurst

Councilor Adam Gómez Sr.

City of Springfield, MA - Office of Communications Mayor Sarno & Commissioner Cheryl Claprood

Chief of Staff Tom Ashe

Diversity Officer Attorney Talia Gee

State Representative Bud Williams

State Representative Gonzalez

All Guest Clergy and so many more

Village Engagement Matters partnership with SPS, Sodexo & Home-Grown. 


1-Million Meals Served Celebration at Boland Elementary School

Parent Villages, CEO Lakisha Coppedge & one of our primary VEM sewers, Pastor, Eugenia Finnell, and community leaders celebrate the dedication of providing meals 7-days a week since the on-set of COVID-19. Parent Villages was in attendance and recognized for the VEM partnership of providing face-coverings at meal sites, and provided additional face-coverings at the celebration.

In an article written by Lora Wonolowski, Executive Director at Leadership Pioneer Valley titled "Leading With Gratitude"

Lora expressed her thanks to Parent Villages, Inc, Board President, Latonia Naylor, LEAP ’16 for highlighting the work of fellow class of 2016 alumna Lakisha Coppedge and Parent Villages, Inc. CEO.  "Lakisha is leading a newly formed organization Parent Villages, Inc.  She is working to help school families during this time of distress." 

Thank you, Lora and LPV for highlighting the impactful work at Parent Villages, Inc. and the servant leaders who give from their hearts daily!

Additionally, thank you for the amazing and life-changing work and leadership building done at Leadership Pioneer Valley.

Our CEO, Lakisha Coppedge was invited to be a guest speaker on the UMASS Amherst AND Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts Virtual Road Trip.  Lakisha spoke about her journey to her current position and the amazing and impactful work she does at Parent Villages.  

Education Matters January 2020 Radio Monthly Update

Springfield schedules event to get more families involved in education
Parent Villages to host "Education Matters" Scholarship Brunch