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The #SHOWUP Intiative 

Show up for your children whether they express that they need it or not 
... because they need you to and it still takes a village.

Are you getting phone calls about your child misbehaving or underperforming in school?

Do you want to know more about what the school day is like for your child?

Is your child uninterested in class and needs to be challenged?

Do you want the best education experience for your child?

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For these reasons and many more,
Parent Villages started the #SHOWUPInitiative. 
What exactly is it?
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#SHOWUP Initiative is for caregivers who are getting phone calls about their child misbehaving or underperforming in school.  It is for caregivers who want the best educational experience possible for their child.  


Parent Villages started the #SHOWUP Initiative to empower adults to show up for their children and youth in their community whether they express that they need it.  We encourage adults to show up for children when they are having challenges in school and also when they are doing extremely well because it still takes a village.

Showing up entails many things such as:

  • participating in workshops and meet-ups hosted by Parent Villages to learn what resources are available to caregivers and how to advocate and support their children in any type of school

  • requesting meetings with school staff including teachers regardless of whether students are doing well or struggling in school

  • attending school functions, sporting events, and district events

  • starting or participating on PTOs or PTAs

  • joining the SCDM (School-Centered Decision-Making) team at their child’s school

  • volunteering at a school or with Parent Villages

  • becoming a mentor at a school, youth program, or for Parent Villages

  • listening to Connect-Ed calls

  • checking the parent portal (PowerSchool) on a regular basis

Would you like your very own #ShowUp shirt with your child's name on it? 

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